Hawaiian Sunscreen: New Health Alert, Law and Suggestions

Hawaiian Sunscreen: New Health Alert, Law and Suggestions

Researchers announced today that chemical sunscreens may be far more dangerous than previously revealed, and that children may be even more at risk from these chemicals than adults. The study in today’s medical journal JAMA revealed that common sunscreen products containing avobenzone, oxybenzone, ecamsule and octocrylene need much more research. Blood concentration of these chemicals has for the first time been studied and found, after just one day’s use. Serum … [more…]

Reason for Ocean Optimism

photo: whale breaching. Reason for Ocean Optimism

Marine mammals, sea turtles listed under Endangered Species Act are recovering, study finds

Twenty years ago I started my scientific career as a college freshman in Cuba, collecting data to support sea turtle conservation. I was full of optimism. I was just learning about the threats that thousands of marine species and their habitat were facing due to human actions, and I still had hope that conservation measures laid out … [more…]