EPA researching freshwater mussels as biofilters in PA, MD and WV

photo: EPA researching freshwater mussels in PA, MD and WV The Environmental Protection Agency today announced a new project to develop innovative methods to improve our understanding of the distribution of freshwater mussels. In a news release, the agency said:

EPA will partner with the West Virginia Department of Natural Resources, the Maryland Department of Natural Resources, and the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection in this effort. The project is one of 14 research projects announced today by EPA addressing priority environmental and human health problems through partnerships among EPA’s research office, regional offices, and states. “EPA encourages the use of innovative scientific approaches to help solve important environmental problems,” said EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt.

“By working with our state partners and engaging the public we can foster creative solutions to these challenges.” Freshwater mussels improve water quality by filtering and sequestering pollutants and suspended particulates, nutrient cycling, and removing harmful toxins and pathogens that are threats to public health. Currently, it takes extensive time, effort, and money to assess mussel populations, but now it is possible to monitor mussels by collecting water and/or sediment samples and analyze for their DNA. This new method of detecting mussel populations lowers the level of effort in traditional freshwater mussel assessments and […]

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EPA researching freshwater mussels as biofilters in PA, MD and WV
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EPA researching freshwater mussels as biofilters in PA, MD and WV
Freshwater mussels improve water quality: filter & sequester pollutants, particulates, nutrients; removing toxins & pathogens that threaten public health.
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