Wisconsin, under Scott Walker, no longer leads in conservation

photo of wetlands: Wisconsin, under Scott Walker, no longer leads in conservation

Walker and GOP lawmakers have used one-party control since 2011 to engineer the biggest shift in natural resource management since the Clean Water Act.

When Foxconn Technology Group begins construction of an industrial plant large enough to cover the entire Village of Shorewood, it will be exempted from state environmental requirements that any other company would have to follow. Foxconn can fill in wetlands that are regulated by the state,


10 facts about water policy and infrastructure in the USA

photo: Shasta Lake

From the water safety crisis in Flint, Michigan to the near-disaster with the Oroville Dam in California, a string of water-related events have made headlines, and called into question the U.S. focus on keeping critical water systems safe and functioning.

In advance of the U.S.-focused Water Week and the U.N. World Water Day, Brookings experts have explored many dimensions of water infrastructure. 10 facts derived from their research are highlighted … [more…]

A Broke, and Broken, Flood Insurance Program

photo: homeowner David Clutter - still no love from his flood insurance, years after Hurricane Sandy?

Photo: David Clutter in front of his home in Long Beach, N.Y. After Hurricane Sandy, he had to take out a third mortgage to repair the foundation because the National Flood Insurance Program denied his claim. Greg Miller for The New York Times

In August, when Hurricane Harvey was bearing down on Texas, David Clutter was in court, trying one more time to make his insurer pay his flood claim