The business case for green buildings

The business case for green buildings

It is simpler to incorporate sustainability into a building’s design, construction and operations before its development, rather than retrofitting existing features. FILE PHOTO

The adoption of energy and water reducing initiatives translates into cost savings.

GREEN buildings. Efficient in the use of energy, water and materials – all while providing quality air supply. Sounds very Al Gore, right? Green buildings, are, in fact, becoming more and more commonplace in commercial … [more…]

How one Wisconsin farm pursues land and water conservation

photo: the Brey family farm. How one Wisconsin farm pursues land and water conservation

Do you know the purpose, cause, or belief that drives you?

Author Simon Sinek calls this “finding your why.”

On my family’s dairy farm in Door County, Wisconsin, our why is, “To learn and adapt so that all may have a quality life.”

Every day, we face new challenges on Brey Cycle Farm. Although it has been in our family since 1904, the farm has changed to adapt to the … [more…]

The Town That Extended ‘Smart Growth’ to Its Water

photo: Colorado city. The Town That Extended ‘Smart Growth’ to Its Water

Photo: The Rocky Mountains rise behind the Denver skyline. Charlie Riedel/AP

As Western states grapple with drought, Westminster, Colorado, has become a model for its integration of water data into the planning process.

As with so many towns in the West, the history of Westminster, Colorado, can be told through its water supply.

The turning point in that history was the hot, dry summer of 1962. Westminster was already embroiled … [more…]

Membrane technology to address excess water problem on Washington dairy

photo: water filtration clears manure ponds, saves water

“We really don’t have a nutrient problem; we have a water problem,” states Galen Smith, partner and general manager of Coldstream Farm LLC in Deming, Washington.

With their new 50-stall rotary parlor that has the capacity to milk 2,200 cows three times a day, Smith says their goal is to maximize the use of this new facility. Results from a recent collaboration to remove water from manure look favorable to … [more…]