New UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration offers unparalleled opportunity for job creation, food security and addressing climate change

  • The United Nations General Assembly declared 2021 – 2030 the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration.
  • Restoration could remove up to 26 gigatons of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere.
  • UN Environment and FAO will lead the implementation.

01 March 2019, New York – The UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration, declared today by the UN General Assembly, aims to massively scale up the restoration of degraded and destroyed ecosystems as a proven … [more…]

What you don’t know about the water law that saved Arizona

Allhands: What you don't know about the water law that saved Arizona

Photo: Michael Chow/The Republic
Video in source article: Jim Graham operates a pistachio and wine-grape farm in Cochise County. He and other farmers have seen their groundwater levels drop.

In 2016, when the rains dried and reservoirs shrank, California was forced to impose drastic water conservation measures to keep taps flowing. Arizona avoided this fate, despite being a far drier place, largely because we had something California didn’t: the Groundwater