California’s Key Step Toward Sustainable Groundwater Management

THIS JUST IN … California Marks Key Step Toward Achieving Sustainable Groundwater Management

Image: logo of California’s Department of Water Resources (DWR)

Critically overdrafted groundwater basins are required to submit groundwater sustainability plans to the state by January 31, 2020 that outline how the basins will reach sustainability over the next 20 years

Local agencies representing 19 of the state’s most stressed groundwater basins are required to submit plans to the state by midnight tonight on how they will manage their basins to … [more…]

Animation of Satellite Data Shows SoCal “Breathing” Water

Animation Based on Satellite Data Shows SoCal "Breathing" Water

Credit: Bryan Riel and Mark Simons

Using an unprecedented number of satellite radar images, geophysicists at Caltech have tracked how the ground in Southern California rises and falls as groundwater is pumped in and out of aquifers beneath the surface.

Their findings are presented in a study that tracks deformation of the earth’s surface over an 18-year period. The work can be used by water management districts to assess the … [more…]

Sinking land, poisoned water: the dark side of California’s mega farms

photo: water aqueduct in California's Central Valley. Sinking land, poisoned water: the dark side of California's mega farms

Farm fields along the path of the California aqueduct in the Central Valley, a region that produces a quarter of the nation’s food. Photograph: Lucy Nicholson/Reuters

The floor of the Central Valley is slumping, and there is arsenic in the tap water. Now it seems the two problems are connected

Isabel Solorio can see the water treatment plant from her garden across the street. Built to filter out the arsenic … [more…]

The Valley floor is sinking, and it’s crippling California’s ability to deliver water

photo: The San Joaquin Valley floor is sinking, and it’s crippling California’s ability to deliver water

Completed during Harry Truman’s presidency, the Friant-Kern Canal has been a workhorse in California’s elaborate man-made water-delivery network. It’s a low-tech concrete marvel that operates purely on gravity, capable of efficiently piping billions of gallons of water to cities and farms on a 152-mile journey along the east side of the fertile San Joaquin Valley. Until now.

The Friant-Kern has been crippled by a phenomenon known as subsidence. The canal


Exploring the Hydrodynamics of Sediment Diversion at Mid-Barataria

graphics: The Mississippi River typically has one to four high-water peaks between November and June.

This is part two of the series “Building Land in Coastal Louisiana: Expert Recommendations for Operating a Successful Sediment Diversion that Balances Ecosystem and Community Needs.” Please follow the link below for the original(s).

Historically, the Mississippi River has periodically overtopped its natural levee and flooded the adjacent wetlands with sediment-laden water. This natural process has been interrupted by the construction of flood control levees, and the available sediment has … [more…]