US military — polluting Hawaii’s water supply… and denying it

The US military is polluting Hawaii’s water supply – and denying it

The Hawaiian governor issued an emergency order to de-fuel the Red Hill Facility. The US Navy has enlisted top lawyers to make sure its 600m liters of petroleum stay perched above our water supply

This [fuel facility] is not the eighth wonder of the world. It is Frankenstein’s monster. And we have to kill it before it kills us.”

This is the plea from Marti Townsend, one of more than … [more…]

Delivering water with Denver Water’s chess masters

photo of Phil Malone - delivering water with Denver’s chess masters

How operators distribute a reliable and efficient supply to one-quarter of the state’s population

photo depicts Phil Malone, one of the team of system operators at Denver Water.

Like playing a geographically dispersed game of chess with nearly 7,500 pieces, system operators like Phil Malone spend their days monitoring dozens of computer screens, making adjustments and decisions that run Denver Water’s entire water distribution system — one that requires strategy, … [more…]