With nowhere to hide from rising seas, Boston prepares for a wetter future

With nowhere to hide from rising seas, Boston prepares for a wetter future

Photo: ON THE RISE Bostonians are getting used to flooding. Morrissey Boulevard (shown), near the campus of University of Massachusetts Boston, gets hit several times a year during high tides. DAVID L. RYAN/BOSTON GLOBE/GETTY IMAGES

The coastal city is taking the hint from recent storms and floods

Boston dodged a disaster in 2012. After Hurricane Sandy devastated parts of New Jersey and New York, the superstorm hit Boston near low … [more…]

Report: Galveston Bay Shows Resiliency, But Some Worrisome Factors

Report: Galveston Bay Shows Resiliency, But Some Worrisome Factors

Photo: Lisa Gonzalez, president and CEO of the Houston Advanced Research Center, was on Houston Matters to discuss the findings of the 2019 Galveston Bay Report Card. Alvaro ‘Al’ Ortiz/Houston Public Media

Galveston Bay is in overall good condition, but the loss of wetlands, along with a slight decline in water quality and sea level rise, are concerning factors, according to the 2019 Galveston Bay Report Card.

The annual report … [more…]

Senegal’s Sinking Villages

Video still frame: Senegal's Sinking Villages

Doune Baba Dieye was once a vibrant fishing community on the Langue de Barbarie, a narrow, 30km peninsula that has protected the Senegalese port city of Saint-Louis from the Atlantic Ocean for centuries.

But changing weather patterns and heavy rainfall in 2003 led to flooding inland and a rise in sea levels that have now submerged part of the south of the peninsula. Today, the southern part of the Langue … [more…]

Working for our wetlands

Working for our wetlands

Wetlands – including lakes, lagoons, bogs and peatlands, as well as swamps and marshes – are regions that experience seasonal or perennial flooding. They generally host a range of plants and animals, and are vital to the survival of these species. However, they are also fragile ecosystems that require monitoring and maintenance to prevent their loss. In the context of World Wetlands Day, celebrated every year on 2 February, let’s … [more…]

$3 billion problem: Miami-Dade’s septic tanks are already failing due to sea rise

photo: 2016 king tides in Miami-Dade County

Photo: A Miami-Dade neighborhood that relies on septic tanks experiences flooding during the 2016 King Tide. A new report commissioned by the county shows that half of the county’s septic tanks break down yearly, a problem that sea level rise will worsen. MIAMI-DADE COUNTY

Miami-Dade has tens of thousands of septic tanks, and a new report reveals most are already malfunctioning — the smelly and unhealthy evidence of which often … [more…]