Raised in Rice Fields

Snow geese erupt against a blue sky trimmed with fresh, white clouds. The air is so clear you can see for miles, east to the distant peaks of the Sierra Nevada and west to the gentle slopes of the Coast Ranges. But Carson Jeffres and Jacob Katz are less interested in the view above them than the one at their feet. Standing knee-deep in a flooded field at Knaggs Ranch, … [more…]

California’s water agencies lose millions of gallons underground due to leaky pipes

photo: California water agencies lose millions of gallons due to leaky pipes

Photo: Water continues to flow into a sinkhole from the broken water main on Sunset Boulevard near UCLA,Wednesday, July 30, 2014. (Michael Owen Baker / Staff Photographer)

As 20 million gallons of drinking water rushed down Sunset Boulevard and flooded the UCLA campus this summer, drought-conscious residents threw up their hands.

How are three-minute showers going to make a difference, they asked, when the city’s pipes are bursting?

Turns out … [more…]

Preparing for climate change: California’s huge investment in water storage

photo: dry California's new water storage plans. To prepare for climate change, California is making a huge investment in water storage

On Tuesday, the California Water Commission completed a groundbreaking process to make the state’s largest investment in water storage in a generation. With the commission’s action, eight diverse projects around the state are in line to receive nearly $2.7 billion from Proposition 1, approved by voters in 2014.

These projects – including $816 million for the Sites reservoir north of Sacramento – could add 4.3 million acre-feet of new water … [more…]

Silicon Valley Wants to Solve Our Water Problems

Silicon Valley Wants to Solve Our Water Problems

Gary Kremen—the founder of Match[-dot-]com, former owner of Sex[-dot-]com, and serial investor—is into water. The entrepreneur started investing in water tech startups a few years ago. Today he’s an elected member of Silicon Valley’s water district, an agency that manages water and flood control for 2 million people.

Earlier this year, he helped craft a proposal to build a tunnel under the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta that could improve drinking … [more…]

Sacramento State system lets students check water fountains

Sacramento State installs new system to let students check water fountains

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KCRA) — Students at Sacramento State University are getting a chance to check the quality of their drinking water right before they take a sip. A new system gives them access to test results for the fountain they want to use on their smart phone.

"This place is pretty cool that they’re keeping you aware, which is a good thing, especially with water because it’s something that is