Are you drinking PFASs?

According to a study by Harvard University, more than 16 million residents in America regularly drink water that is contaminated with toxic chemicals from military and industrial sites. The toxic chemicals in question are poly- and perfluoroalkyl substances – also known as PFASs.

Typically used in fire retardants, oil & water repellents, furniture, waterproof clothes and non-stick cookware, the high number of PFASs found in drinking water is a concern … [more…]

Members of Congress to question EPA, DoD on ‘forever chemicals’

video screenshot: Exposure to some types of PFAS linked to hormone disruption, miscarriages, developmental issues, and cancer.

Video screenshot, click link below to view: Exposure to some types of PFAS linked to hormone disruption, miscarriages, developmental issues, and cancer.

Members of Congress on both sides of the aisle are increasingly raising concerns the government has not done enough to handle chemical contamination from military bases, airports and industrial sites around the country.

In the first of several expected hearings targeting the Environmental Protection Agency under the Trump … [more…]

Firefighting foam linked to water contamination across Massachusetts

photo: Firefighting foam linked to PFAS water contamination

State environmental officials are tracking an emerging threat to drinking water across Massachusetts linked to a firefighting foam used at military installations and airports.

“Back in 2012, 2013 we started showing these contaminates” said Dan Santos, director of the Barnstable Department of Public Works.

Testing revealed toxic levels of chemicals in the soil at the county fire and rescue training academy, only a few hundred yards from the town’s watershed. … [more…]

First blood tests in Bucks, Montco show above-average contamination after tainted water

Residents in Bucks and Montgomery Counties who participated in a blood-testing program because their drinking water was contaminated by chemicals on nearby military bases have a dramatically higher presence of some chemicals in their blood than the general U.S. population — in the case of one chemical, five times more than the typical American.

The Pennsylvania Department of Health mailed the averaged results to the 235 residents in Horsham, Warminster, … [more…]

Erin Brockovich is warning about an emerging drinking-water crisis in the USA

Photo: Erin Brockovich

Here’s how she recommends you protect yourself.

Erin Brockovich, who some of you know as the woman who fought against California’s Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) in 1996 and later had a movie made about her, is a fierce supporter of clean water. And because of her work over the last couple of decades, when she sees water the color of “light pee” she doesn’t drink it; at low levels, … [more…]