Lead crisis in Newark leads to distribution of bottled water…

Lead crisis in Newark leads to distribution of bottled water, after filters fail to safeguard homes with old pipes

…after filters fail to safeguard homes with old pipes

Responding to reports that filters are not protecting residents from elevated lead levels in their drinking water, Newark officials on Sunday said they will distribute bottled water to households with old lead pipes after federal officials urged the city to take action “as soon as possible.”

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency issued its recommendation to Newark in a letter Friday, in … [more…]

Newark said its water was safe, but … was warned of problems months ago

City officials in Newark said they learned in October that lead water contamination wasn’t just affecting a dozen homes, but was a “widespread problem,” potentially impacting as many as 40,000 residents.

But, a newly-released email shows officials were warned at least seven months earlier — months they spent insisting the water was “absolutely safe to drink,” and assuring residents that the issue was confined to a small number of homes.


In Echo of Flint, Lead Water Crisis Now Hits Newark, New Jersey

photo: Newark residents - Shana Gilbert and her daughter, Malaysa Ingram - carrying water filters. In Echo of Flint, Mich., Water Crisis Now Hits Newark

Photo: Shana Gilbert and her daughter, Malaysa Ingram, received water filters at Paradise Baptist Church in Newark this month. The filters were distributed free because of elevated lead levels in the city’s water. Credit: Sarah Blesener for The New York Times

NEWARK — For nearly a year and a half, top officials in Newark denied that their water system had a widespread lead problem, despite ample evidence that the city … [more…]

Environmental Groups Sue Newark Over Lead in Drinking Water

Environmental Groups Sue Newark over Lead in Drinking Water

Photo by Gabriel Rocha/Flickr

The Natural Resources Defense Council and Newark Education Workers Caucus have taken the city of Newark, New Jersey, to court over elevated levels of lead in the city’s drinking water. The NRDC and NEW Caucus allege that city officials have failed to implement adequate water quality and treatment systems to prevent lead from getting into drinking water and that the city is failing to comply with … [more…]