Deciphering Water, Stone, and Movement

Deciphering Water, Stone, and Movement

In 2017, Jorge welcomed me to the headquarters of Costa Rica’s underground water agency. His supervisor had asked him to show me “the model” at work. After many years of fieldwork on water issues, I had already been introduced to many models: the mathematical model to calculate extraction rates, two different pieces of software that model aquifer flow, the regulatory model Costa Rica’s agency follows, and sponges as a preferred … [more…]

Figuring out the water cycle… still

photo: trees in a forest, evapotranspiration, transpiration, evaporation in the water cycle

By emitting moisture, trees play a crucial role in water cycles and global rainfall. Brunei Ministry of Primary Resources and Tourism

We could re-wet dry landscapes with the right theory. Could the ‘biotic pump’ be it?

There are a few different levels of understanding about the water cycle. There are the diagrams hung in elementary schools, showing water evaporating up from the ocean into clouds, then falling back down to … [more…]