“Seahorse whisperer” builds underwater sanctuary for rare species in Long Beach

Video still: seahorses in Long Beach California sanctuary

LONG BEACH, Calif. (KABC) — Roger Hanson has been diving for over 30 years, so he knew it was odd when he spotted a Pacific seahorse in Alamitos Bay in Long Beach around four years ago.

“They are very, very rare,” said retired schoolteacher from Iowa. “Long Beach having a colony is unlike any city in California.”

In 2016, Hanson started driving 80 miles from his home in Moreno Valley … [more…]

U.S. Supreme Court won’t change Indiana ruling: Lake Michigan’s shoreline belongs to all Hoosiers

photo: public beach access protected by high court in Indiana

Photo: Homes along Lake Shore Drive in Long Beach are shown in this May 2017 file photo. The U.S. Supreme Court announced Tuesday that it would not review a Feb. 14, 2018 Indiana Supreme Court ruling that the Lake Michigan shoreline, up to the point where the beach becomes soil, also known as the ordinary high water mark, is unquestionably owned by the state of Indiana, and the public has … [more…]

A Broke, and Broken, Flood Insurance Program

photo: homeowner David Clutter - still no love from his flood insurance, years after Hurricane Sandy?

Photo: David Clutter in front of his home in Long Beach, N.Y. After Hurricane Sandy, he had to take out a third mortgage to repair the foundation because the National Flood Insurance Program denied his claim. Greg Miller for The New York Times

In August, when Hurricane Harvey was bearing down on Texas, David Clutter was in court, trying one more time to make his insurer pay his flood claim