Most arctic ice at North Pole has vanished, warns polar explorer

photo: explorer Robert SwanMost of the ice around the North Pole has vanished, warns leading polar explorer

Robert Swan on an expedition (2041 Foundation)

Robert Swan, the first person to walk to both the North and South poles, tells i about the dramatic changes he has seen to the polar icescape in the past three decades

Thirty years ago the explorer Robert Swan walked 700 kilometres (435 miles) across Arctic sea ice in a 56-day springtime trek to the North Pole. Today, that ice is mostly water, … [more…]

Glacier depth affects plankton blooms off Greenland:

Study shows complex connection between meltwater discharge and nutrient input — ScienceDaily

Summary: The unusual timing of highly-productive summer plankton blooms off Greenland indicates a connection between increasing amounts of meltwater and nutrients in these coastal waters. Researchers now show that this connection exists, but is much more complex than widely supposed. Whether increasing meltwater has a positive or negative effect on summertime phytoplankton depends on the depth at which … [more…]