Differences Remain Over Addressing CAFO Compliance, Enforcement

Differences Remain Over Addressing CAFO Compliance, Enforcement

No one is completely satisfied with action this week from the Republican-led Joint Finance Committee on proposed fees and additional positions to oversee concentrated animal feeding operations, or CAFOs, in Wisconsin. The growing number of large farms in the state has contributed to increasing concerns over the potential for pollution.

Gov. Tony Evers’ budget proposal would have raised annual pollution permit fees from $345 to $660, as well as institute … [more…]

Membrane technology to address excess water problem on Washington dairy

photo: water filtration clears manure ponds, saves water

“We really don’t have a nutrient problem; we have a water problem,” states Galen Smith, partner and general manager of Coldstream Farm LLC in Deming, Washington.

With their new 50-stall rotary parlor that has the capacity to milk 2,200 cows three times a day, Smith says their goal is to maximize the use of this new facility. Results from a recent collaboration to remove water from manure look favorable to … [more…]

What drought? These states are gearing up to draw more water from the Colorado.

photo: the Colorado River

Photo: Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

Wyoming wants to modify the Fontenelle Dam so it can use an extra 80,000 acre-feet of water from a tributary of the once-mighty Colorado River. At its headwaters, Denver Water hopes to expand a reservoir’s capacity by 77,000 acre-feet of water. And several hundred miles south, Utah is trying to build a pipeline that can funnel another 86,000 acre-feet out of the river.

There … [more…]

Running Dry: New Strategies for Conserving Water on the Colorado

Running Dry: New Strategies for Conserving Water on the Colorado

Photo: A canal diverts water from the Colorado River to farms in Palisade, Colorado. Ted Wood

Communities along the Colorado River are facing a new era of drought and water shortages that is threatening their future. With an official water emergency declaration now possible, farmers, ranchers, and towns are searching for ways to use less water and survive.

From the air, the Grand Valley Water Users Association canal — 10 … [more…]

US EPA sweeps Iowa’s water crisis under the rug

photo: US Environmental Protection Agency sweeps Iowa’s water crisis under the rug

Image Credit: Food and Water Watch

WASHINGTON – The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has denied a Clean Water Act “de-delegation petition,” which has been under consideration for more than 11 years. Iowans and environmental advocates say that the Iowa Department of Natural Resources is neglecting its duties.

“EPA’s petition denial is a whitewashing of Iowa’s ongoing failure to regulate factory farms,” says Tarah Heinzen, Senior Staff Attorney at Food … [more…]