Research will probe dangerous water quality in First Nations communities

A team of McMaster University researchers is partnering with members of two First Nations communities, including the nearby Six Nations of the Grand River, to find out what is contaminating drinking water. The Co-creation of Indigenous Water Quality Tools project is Indigenous-led, meaning community members will help shape where, how and what contaminants the team looks for.

"It brings together scientific experts with what elders have always known," said Dawn


How do we prevent today’s water crisis becoming tomorrow’s catastrophe?

How do we prevent today's water crisis becoming tomorrow's catastrophe?

“Water, water everywhere, nor any drop to drink.” In these lines, Samuel Taylor Coleridge made a prescient point: while seawater is plentiful, people can survive only with fresh water. This surprisingly scarce resource is the lynchpin sustaining human lives and healthy ecosystems across our rich biosphere: the most vital resource for life on Earth as we know it. Yet despite its vital importance to humanity, the global water crisis has