Duke Study: Rivers Contaminated With Radium and Lead From Thousands of Fracking Wastewater Spills

photo: polluting industries on the banks of rivers

Bakken Oil and Gas in Williston, North Dakota on the Missouri River. Photo Credit: EcoFlight

Thousands of oil and gas industry wastewater spills in North Dakota have caused “widespread” contamination from radioactive materials, heavy metals and corrosive salts, putting the health of people and wildlife at risk, researchers from Duke University concluded in a newly released peer-reviewed study.

Some rivers and streams in North Dakota now carry levels of radioactive … [more…]

Texas energy group takes issue with Duke University water study

photo. Texas energy group takes issue with Duke University water study

Dusty Read checks the clean water tank Dec. 5, 2017 at Challenger Water Solutions’ water recycling system demonstration facility. Consisting of a control room container and two containers that do the actual water cleaning, the entire system can be transported on two semi trucks. The system, primarily focused on oil fracking operations at the moment, is price competitive with pumping ground water according to the company. Photo: William Luther, Staff [more…]

Oil and gas wastewater radioactivity persists in Pennsylvania stream sediments

Radioactivity from oil and gas wastewater persists in Pennsylvania stream sediments

Photo: Treated oil and gas wastewater flows into a stream in western Pennsylvania. A new Duke study finds stream sediments at disposal sites such as this one have levels of radioactivity that are 650 times higher than at unaffected upstream sites. Credit: Avner Vengosh, Duke University

The contamination is coming from the disposal of conventional, or non-fracked, oil and gas wastewater, which, under current state regulations, can still be treated