With nowhere to hide from rising seas, Boston prepares for a wetter future

With nowhere to hide from rising seas, Boston prepares for a wetter future

Photo: ON THE RISE Bostonians are getting used to flooding. Morrissey Boulevard (shown), near the campus of University of Massachusetts Boston, gets hit several times a year during high tides. DAVID L. RYAN/BOSTON GLOBE/GETTY IMAGES

The coastal city is taking the hint from recent storms and floods

Boston dodged a disaster in 2012. After Hurricane Sandy devastated parts of New Jersey and New York, the superstorm hit Boston near low … [more…]

Native Brook Trout Near Boston Protected With Business Support

Corporate commitment to conserving, protecting, and replenishing water in business operations and in the environment is growing. The challenge to investing in water outside the four walls of those businesses? Connecting to meaningful activities and projects in watersheds, at the local level.

It is projects like the environmental flow and restoration of Pine Tree Brook in Milton, Massachusetts, that are eligible for support through an innovative new platform designed to … [more…]

‘Living With Water’: Facing Climate Change, Cities Trade Sea Walls for Parks

photo: coastal flooding, due in part to storms and climate change

Photo: A firefighter wades through Boston floodwater earlier this year. Under a new plan, the city would allow the rising water to come in to the city, rather than fighting to keep it out. Michael Dwyer/The Associated Press

To protect itself from a devastating flood, Boston was considering building a massive sea wall, cutting north to south through nearly 4 miles of Boston Harbor, taking $11 billion and at least … [more…]

EPA: Improvements to Keep Massachusetts Waters Clean

BOSTON – Today, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced a major step forward for Massachusetts’ water quality with improved stormwater management requirements as well as an array of training and implementation tools to assist municipalities with implementation.

The new permit (which EPA issued in 2016 but has not yet taken effect) will update stormwater management efforts across the state’s urbanized areas that will better protect rivers, streams, ponds, lakes, and


13 U.S.A. Cities Defy Trump, Post Deleted Climate Data

13 U.S. Cities Defy Trump by Posting Deleted Climate Data

More than one dozen U.S. cities have banded together to post deleted climate data and research from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) website that was notoriously scrubbed by the Trump administration. In May, Chicago became the first city to host the deleted pages, and now other mayors are following in Rahm Emanuel’s footsteps by creating their city’s own "Climate Change is Real" website.

The "Climate Change is Real" website … [more…]