Oil and gas wastewater radioactivity persists in Pennsylvania stream sediments

Radioactivity from oil and gas wastewater persists in Pennsylvania stream sediments

Photo: Treated oil and gas wastewater flows into a stream in western Pennsylvania. A new Duke study finds stream sediments at disposal sites such as this one have levels of radioactivity that are 650 times higher than at unaffected upstream sites. Credit: Avner Vengosh, Duke University

The contamination is coming from the disposal of conventional, or non-fracked, oil and gas wastewater, which, under current state regulations, can still be treated


Water treatment for cement plant wastewater

Water treatment for cement plant

Highlighting the importance of water treatment for cement plant wastewater.

A cement plant wastewater treatment system has to be highly effective in order to remove the minute particulate that remains after cement production. This task becomes even more important when a closed system – the industry standard – is in place and the waste water is reused over and over again. In cement industries water is used only for cooling … [more…]