Baltimore first large U.S. city to ban water privatization

WASHINGTON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – The city of Baltimore voted overwhelmingly Tuesday to ban the privatization of its water and sewerage systems, in what supporters say is the first large U.S. jurisdiction to take such a step.

Around 77 percent of more than 148,000 voters backed a proposal to alter the city’s charter to declare the “inalienability” of its sewerage and water-supply systems, with most votes counted Wednesday morning.

A … [more…]

Bringing the Chesapeake Bay to Baltimore’s Inner Harbor

Bringing the Chesapeake Bay to Baltimore’s Inner Harbor

The National Aquarium, located in the heart of the nation’s largest estuary, is bringing back estuarine landscapes to Baltimore City.

This blog was written by Charmaine Dahlenburg, Manager of the National Aquarium’s Chesapeake Bay Program. Photo © PAUL BURK

Estuaries are necessary for the health of people and the planet. They capture and filter stormwater runoff, reduce effects of flooding, prevent shoreline erosion and provide habitat for fish, birds, mammals … [more…]

Baltimore Is A Water Justice Leader

photo: glass of drinking water. Baltimore Is A Water Justice Leader

Charm City Is About to Ban Water Privatization… And There Are A Few Reasons That’s So Cool

Yesterday, the Baltimore City Council unanimously passed a resolution setting the city on course to become the first major city in the country to ban the most extreme forms of water privatization. With voter approval this November, Baltimore will be the first city in the country to amend its charter to declare its … [more…]

Water rates in Baltimore jump 9.4 percent, third hike in as many years

photo: Baltimore, Maryland skyline. Water rates in Baltimore City jump 9.4 percent, third consecutive rate hike in as many years

Baltimore imposed another round of planned water rate increases Sunday, the third consecutive rate hike in as many years. Water rates jumped about 9 percent in a move by city officials to fix the city’s century-old infrastructure and error-prone water billing system.

The increase will mean a typical home paying $84 a month will now pay $92. For every 748 gallons, or 10 cubic feet of water, a household uses, … [more…]

USA water is overly medicated—these scientists want to change that

photo: sewage treatment plant , addressing pharmaceuticals pollution in water

Photo: The Trout Run Sewage Treatment Plant in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. Montgomery County Planning Commission / Flickr

Sylvia Lee, PhD, is a scientist at the Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies in Milbrook, New York. She has access to an unusual—yet essential—set of laboratory equipment: a whole greenhouse filled with white fiberglass bathtubs. There’s no mistaking these vessels with those you’d find in the average bathroom, however. While these bathtubs are