Here’s How Cactus Farming Could Ease The Californian Drought

Here's How Cactus Farming Could Ease The Californian Drought

California is suffering from one of the worst droughts ever recorded: three years of low rain and snowfall have left the state in crisis, with the Sierra Nevada snowpack being the lowest it’s been for 500 years. According to government data, 2014 was the third driest year in California over the last 119 years; it was also the warmest year on record.

That means California needs to find some innovative


6 ways to protect your lake’s water quality

6 ways to protect your lake’s water quality

Want to improve water quality on your lake? Why not prevent overland flooding and erosion and help your forests at the same time? Here are 6 simple things you can do at the cottage to be a hero.

1. Never put soap in the lake.

Soaps add phosphorus to the water, which, along with fertilizers and poorly maintained septic systems, can lead to excessive plant growth, unhealthy blue-green algae build … [more…]

“Safe” levels of thyroid inhibitor in tap water much lower than thought

Yet another study demonstrating that tap water may be quite unsafe to drink, and that yet another one of EPA/FDA regulations on “safe” levels of a potent thyroid-inhibiting contaminant in drinking water are nothing more than wishful thinking. Namely, the study below claims that the levels of perchlorate in drinking water defined as safe by the EPA/FDA are an order of magnitude higher than what is considered “acceptable” risk, and … [more…]

10 Shocking Facts On Factory Farms Will Make You Rethink That Burger

Graphic: 10 Shocking Facts On Factory Farms and Water Pollution Will Make You Rethink That Burger

Graphic by Hannah Williams

In the United States, around 27 billion animals are raised for food every year. These animals are subjected to lives in extreme confinement where they live in fear and pain. The cruelty that these animals experience is rather well-known and understood, however, the negative environmental impact that raising this many animals causes is less so. One of the most notable ways that factory farming impacts the … [more…]

Why we need sharks: the true nature of the ocean’s ‘monstrous villains’

artwork: many varieties of sharks in the ocean ecosystems

There are more than 500 known species of sharks. Illustration: Good Wives and Warriors

Each day, as the sun sets over the coral-fringed Raja Ampat Islands in Indonesia, an underwater predator stirs. As predators go, it’s not especially big or ferocious – an arm’s length from head to tail, with a snuffling, moustachioed snout.

What’s unique is that it doesn’t so much swim along the seabed as walk. Using its … [more…]