Is the “Alt” Right? (Twitter edition)
@USFWS vs. @AlternateUSFW

“Alternate” vs. Official Social Media Accounts

@USFW = United States Fish and Wildlife

Twitter has long had @USFW. Now it also has @AlternateUSFW and similar pairings.

We believe water is a universal concern that should transcend politics, and we want this site to be of service to everyone.

But we began to wonder — regardless of why they were deemed necessary1 — how do the “Alt” social media accounts really compare to the official government agency ones? Here we’ll make it easy to form your own conclusion, with the most recent posts from two accounts for comparison:

@USFW vs. @AlternateUSFW

1. In early 2017, scientists, technicians, and other employees of U.S.A. federal agencies began expressing fear of suppression or complete loss of research, data, and their freedom to communicate about it transparently. A number of people created independent social media accounts to serve as the uncensored, alternative counterparts of official accounts under control of federal agencies.