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Why is Water Quality Monitoring Important?

When we turn on the tap and fill up a glass, go for a dip in the ocean or fry up a freshly caught fish from the local lake, most of us take it for granted that these are all safe actions. The reality is that behind the scenes, scientists work tirelessly to ensure that the quality of the world’s most valuable resource is as high as possible.

From lakes and streams to coastal waters and estuaries, water quality monitoring is a critical practice carried out in countries across the globe.

So why is monitoring the quality of water so important?

With the World Water Assessment Programme reporting that every day a staggering two million tons of human waste is disposed into water courses, keeping tabs on quality is critical! At its core, the practice serves five major purposes. Results are used to pinpoint any changes or trends that appear in water bodies over a period of time. These can be short of long term developments.

Regularly monitoring water quality is a crucial part of identifying any existing problems, or any issues that could emerge in the future. For example, data has been used to reveal that over the […]

More about monitoring water quality and what it reveals:

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Why is Water Quality Monitoring Important?
From lakes and streams to coastal waters and estuaries, water quality monitoring is a critical practice carried out in countries across the globe.
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