IPCC report: ‘possible loss of entire countries in this century’

Pacific island nations are already being battered by king tides, catastrophic cyclones and sustained droughts

Global heating above 1.5C will be “catastrophic” for Pacific island nations and could lead to the loss of entire countries due to sea level rise within the century, experts have warned.

The Pacific has long been seen as the “canary in the coalmine” for the climate crisis, as the region has suffered from king tides,


On the Chesapeake, A Precarious Future of Rising Seas and High Tides

Mike Draper raised his house in southern Dorchester County seven feet to protect it from rising waters. PHOTO BY DAVE HARP

Maryland’s Dorchester County is ground zero for climate change on Chesapeake Bay, as rising seas claim more and more land. An e360 video explores the quiet beauty of this liquid landscape and how high tides and erosion are putting the bay’s rural communities at risk.

I’m making a film


This Remote Hawaiian Island Just Vanished

Photo: Before, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Scientists are concerned about what will happen to the hundreds of endangered species that once called East Island home.

Hurricane Walaka, one of the most powerful Pacific storms ever recorded, has erased an ecologically important remote northwestern island from the Hawaiian archipelago.

Using satellite imagery, federal scientists confirmed Monday that East Island, a critical habitat for endangered Hawaiian monk seals and green sea


Seabirds Return to Desecheo Island One Year After Restoration

One year after Desecheo Island, Puerto Rico was declared free of invasive species, Island Conservation and partners are beginning to see signs of recovery, including Audubon’s Shearwaters sighted on the island for the first time and new Bridled Tern nests discovered.

Historians say that you could hardly see the sky for the birds. This was once upon a time on Desecheo Island, a National Wildlife Refuge managed by the U.S.


What logging does to your water

There are a lot of issues with deforestation. However, for some nations around the world, logging jobs provide stable sources of income that might otherwise be unavailable. But now new research is taking a deeper look into the consequences of logging and asking, at what cost?

The recent study, which was published in Environmental Research Letters, comes from collaborating researchers at The University of Queensland (UQ) and the Wildlife