World Wetlands Day, Feb. 2nd

Everyone should be commemorating World Wetland’s Day on Feb. 2nd, they are indispensable to a healthy environment!

The reasons for preserving our wetlands are endless but here are some of the most critical: wetlands provide a vital habitat for thousands of animals, fish, birds and plants. Wetlands control erosion and provide flood protection by buffering shorelines during storms; wetlands improve water quality; and wetlands offer a unique aesthetic and recreational environment.

Wetlands are not just pretty to look at, they provide important benefits as nurseries for fish and shellfish that are commercially harvested and they provide a leafy backdrop for Kermit.

See below to better understand the benefits provided by our wetlands.

1. Wetlands purify our water

Wetlands are great filters! They trap sediments and remove pollutants, which helps to purify water and improve overall water quality.

2. Wetlands store our water to ensure supply during dry periods

Wetlands work like giant sponges. They store water and then slowly release it, and this helps to deal with dry seas1. ons with little rainfall.

3. Wetlands can prevent floods

When rivers burst their banks, wetlands can store the excess water, and slow it down so it distributes more evenly over a floodplain. The roots […]

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World Wetlands Day, Feb. 2nd
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World Wetlands Day, Feb. 2nd
Wetlands provide vital habitat for thousands of animals, fish, birds and plants. Wetlands control erosion, provide flood protection. Wetlands are important!
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