A trash source success: parking lot on St. Augustine Road, Valdosta

A trash source success: parking lot on St. Augustine Road, Valdosta

Photos: parking lot; Hightower Creek

Valdosta, GA, October 7, 2021 — Other businesses can do what Stafford did, and our creeks and rivers will be a lot cleaner! That will make Valdosta, Lowndes County, and every place downstream, more attractive to new and existing businesses, and healthier for people who live here.

After many times cleaning up trash from Sugar Creek near the Withlacoochee River, WWALS member Bobby McKenzie went


From sewage to oasis: Female duo create Johannesburg green corridor

Merging art, science and activism, two women are on a mission to save one of the city’s biggest and most polluted rivers

  • One of Johannesburg’s largest rivers is full of toxins from sewage flow
  • Two women are merging science and art to tackle river pollution
  • The project is creating jobs and environmental awareness

By Kim Harrisberg JOHANNESBURG, Feb 18 (Thomson Reuters Foundation)

A river filled with sewage, broken TVs, dead


Six girls from Assam develop biodegradable yoga mat, may save lakes from water hyacinth menace

A biodegradable and compostable yoga mat developed from water hyacinth by six young girls from a fishing community in Assam could turn this water plant from a nuisance to wealth.

The girls belong to the fishing community living in the fringe of the Deepor Beel, a permanent freshwater lake in southwest of Guwahati city, recognised as a Ramsar Site (a wetland of international importance) and a bird wildlife sanctuary. The


A military veteran’s new mission is to restore a stream and help people heal

Jeff Swire, co-founder of Patriots Cove, has turned his private property into a fly-fishing refuge for other veterans and first responders seeking relief and renewed purpose. (Photo by Will Parson/Chesapeake Bay Program)

Patriots Cove has built a community around fly fishing to give veterans, first responders and caregivers a sense of purpose

According to U.S. Army veteran Jeff Swire, the 18-acre, outdoor refuge known as Patriots Cove has already saved


‘Water is sacred’: 10 visual artists reflect on the human right to water

“Tomorrow’s world” Photograph: Serge Attukwei Clottey/WaterAid

Ten photographs marking the 10th anniversary of access to water and sanitation being declared a human right by the UN have been commissioned from 10 visual artists by the charity WaterAid to show the impact of clean water on people’s lives.

Globally, 785 million people – one in 10 – still lack access to water close to home and 2 billion people – one


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