Water and Forests

The role trees play in water quality

Infographics and easy reading make these essentials palatable at any age (including ours).

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Water and Forests
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photo: cover of USDA publication about Water and Forests

artwork: Why is water important?

infographic: What is a watershed?

This educational brochure was produced by the Georgia-Pacific Corporation.

More about trees, forests, and the water supply:

Forests are key to combating world’s looming water crisis, says new GFEP report

3 Surprising Ways Water Depends on Healthy Forests

Figuring out [more…]

Controversial groundwater withdrawal sparks question of who owns South Carolina water

Google's controversial groundwater withdrawal sparks question of who owns South Carolina water

Who gets the water decides the region’s future, its development and livability. That’s why "water wars" are erupting in South Carolina, and that’s why the withdrawals by high-tech companies like Google are so controversial.

Forty million gallons of surface water per day now are pumped to customers by the Berkeley Water and Sanitation utility. Google, the marquee computer network company, apparently uses one-tenth of it — about 4 million gallons … [more…]

WVSU sues Dow over water pollution at Institute campus

WVSU sues Dow over water pollution at Institute campus

Gazette-Mail file photo: West Virginia State University President Anthony Jenkins.

West Virginia State University has sued Dow Chemical and former operators of the Institute chemical plant, alleging that the facility has contaminated the groundwater under the university’s campus. University officials insist the contamination poses no health risks — the campus does not use groundwater for its drinking water. It says the pollution threatens campus development plans and, once made public,


Nature Is Speaking – Ian Somerhalder is Coral Reef

video frame grab: beautiful coral reef and fish

This short video features poetically beautiful images of coral reef and many of its creatures. the video message concludes by reminding us, “Nature doesn’t need people. People need nature.” Narrated by Ian Somerhalder.

Transcript with timecode:

0:06 I am coral.
0:09 Some people think I’m just a rock.
0:12 When, in fact, I’m the largest thing alive on this planet.
0:18 I’m so big, I can be seen from … [more…]

How Water Gets From the Sierra Nevada Mountains to Los Angeles

photo: California aqueduct

Strong storms and cold temperatures this winter have left a behind a deep snowpack in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, which provides water for about 23 million Californians from the Bay Area to Southern California. So how does all that water actually travel hundreds of miles to the Bay Area, Central Valley and Southern California?

If temperatures are cold enough, the Sierras act as a giant natural reservoir that stores snow … [more…]