Colorado basin drought sparks water limits at huge US reservoir

Colorado basin drought sparks water limits at huge US reservoir

The level of Lake Mead – as seen in July 2021 from Boulder City, Nevada – has been steadily declining due to a chronic drought.

A huge reservoir that supplies water to tens of millions of people in the Western United States is at such low levels that populations it feeds must reduce their usage next year, the government said Monday.

A chronic drought has left huge swathes of the


Drought Spreads to 93 Percent of West — That’s Never Happened

Photo: In an aerial view, the San Gabriel River and the exposed lakebed of the San Gabriel Reservoir are seen on June 29, 2021 in the San Gabriel Mountains near Azusa, California. Credit: Mario Tama Getty Images

The western United States is experiencing its worst drought this century, threatening to kill crops, spark wildfires and harm public health as hot and dry conditions are expected to continue this month.



‘Everything is drying up’: As springs on Hopi land decline, a sacred connection is threatened

Max Taylor, a Hopi Tribe water resources technician, stands near Lemeva Spring on the Hopi Reservation on July 30, 2020. The Hopi say they have used this spring for over a thousand years. DAVID WALLACE/THE REPUBLIC

The Hopi see influence of climate change — and suspect a link to coal industry’s groundwater pumping.

MISHONGNOVI — At the base of a sandstone mesa, the ground descends in a series of stone


It’s Time to Plan for Drier Western Rivers

Three recent studies highlight how climate change will jeopardize the water supply from Western rivers. The best antidote, researchers say, is to drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions. | Illustration by Maddy Olson

A strange thing happens during particularly wet winters in California: farmers flood their fields. Never mind that crops are dormant and soil is already saturated — these farmers are more concerned about what lies beneath their land. Aquifers


Arizona’s Water Supplies

Over the last decade and a half, the Southwest has experienced significant drought conditions. These conditions can lead to changes in our state’s water supply availability.

Fortunately, Arizona has developed a diverse portfolio of water supplies and management strategies which serve as the foundation of our State’s robust water system. This diversity allows Arizona to more effectively manage water resources, allows the state to subsist with the effects of existing


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