Red-faced U.S. Navy at Red Hill?

Photo courtesy of My Kailua


Fresh, potable water is an everyday miracle in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. To have enough to supply millions with (relatively) few constraints on usage? It’s almost unimaginable. And, perhaps, too precarious to want to imagine.

Of course, the water in Hawai’i serves more than latecomer humans. Endemic land species of every kind, exotic imports, and unique hybrids do not spring from saltwater.


Sighting & Observing Marine Wildlife

The Pacific Ocean is alive with wildlife. Some of these animals, like humpback whales, Hawaiian monk seals, and sea turtles, are considered endangered species and are protected by federal laws. Dolphins and other whales, though not endangered, are protected by the Marine Mammal Protection Act. Nature-based tourism is a fast growing segment of the market. There are scores of tour boat companies and water-based activities that cater to whale and


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