US military — polluting Hawaii’s water supply… and denying it

The US military is polluting Hawaii’s water supply – and denying it

The Hawaiian governor issued an emergency order to de-fuel the Red Hill Facility. The US Navy has enlisted top lawyers to make sure its 600m liters of petroleum stay perched above our water supply

This [fuel facility] is not the eighth wonder of the world. It is Frankenstein’s monster. And we have to kill it before it kills us.”

This is the plea from Marti Townsend, one of more than


Why limiting PFAS in drinking water is a challenge in the US

Andrea Amico (center) joined with Michelle Dalton (left) and Alayna Davis to form a community group seeking tests of those who drank PFAS-polluted water, including their children, at a redeveloped Air Force base. Credit: AP

The EPA faces legal and other hurdles as it attempts to regulate PFOA and PFOS

An article in the local newspaper caught Andrea Amico’s eye in May 2014. It reported that one of the three


Members of Congress to question EPA, DoD on ‘forever chemicals’

Video screenshot, click link below to view: Exposure to some types of PFAS linked to hormone disruption, miscarriages, developmental issues, and cancer.

Members of Congress on both sides of the aisle are increasingly raising concerns the government has not done enough to handle chemical contamination from military bases, airports and industrial sites around the country.

In the first of several expected hearings targeting the Environmental Protection Agency under the Trump


Some fear groundwater near Georgia military bases is toxic

FILE – In an Aug. 11, 2015 file photo, an Air Force military member walks out to medevac biocontainment unit aboard a C-17 military transport plane at Dobbins Air Force Reserve Base during a media tour, in Marietta, Ga. There are fears that groundwater near Georgia military bases could remain contaminated from a toxic firefighting foam used for decades by the U.S. Air Force. Recent tests at Georgia’s three air


Toxic Firefighting Foam Has Contaminated U.S. Drinking Water

A small sea of fire retardant foam was unintentionally released in an aircraft hangar, temporarily covering a small portion of the flight line at Travis Air Force Base in California, Sept. 24, 2013. Photo: U.S. Air Force

The EPA has yet to regulate the toxic PFCs found in fire-suppressing foam, Teflon, and other products that have contaminated our drinking water.

Lori Cervera had always been an active person. She liked


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