Let’s turn the high seas into the world’s largest nature reserve

TED Talk:

What if we could save the fishing industry and protect the ocean at the same time? Marine ecologist Enric Sala shares his bold plan to safeguard the high seas — some of the last wild places on earth, which fall outside the jurisdiction of any single country — by creating a giant marine reserve that covers two-thirds of the world’s ocean. By protecting the high seas, Sala believes


Congress Could Put Americans Back to Work Through Conservation

Salmon migrating upstream in the Bonneville Dam fish ladder. Photo by Tony Grover.

Why post-COVID economic recovery efforts should include investments in our public lands, fish and wildlife habitat, and outdoor recreation infrastructure

While the coronavirus pandemic has significantly affected the health of Americans and stressed entire segments of the economy, the efforts of our lawmakers to negotiate and pass multiple emergency supplemental funding bills deserves recognition. These steps have


Innovative Website: What’s Your Water Footprint?

ROWLAND HEIGHTS – Rowland Water District has launched an exciting, innovative website focused on providing customers with user-friendly information and resources related to water conservation. Interested consumers can visit https://yourwaterfootprint.org/ to find the tools they need to monitor their ‘water footprint’ and most importantly, how to immediately change their water use behaviors. The launch of the online platform is just one component of a larger educational campaign that includes conservation-related


Collaborative efforts improve water quality in Mississippi River watershed

A recent water quality project at Mississippi Shores in northeast Brainerd featured the restoration of green space to allow for better water drainage. Submitted photo

There are simple things that can be done to keep the waters in Crow Wing County healthy. Projects range from something as simple as filtering rain by planting native grasses and shrubs on the shoreline or making a rain garden to absorb rain, to projects


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