13 U.S.A. Cities Defy Trump, Post Deleted Climate Data

13 U.S. Cities Defy Trump by Posting Deleted Climate Data

More than one dozen U.S. cities have banded together to post deleted climate data and research from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) website that was notoriously scrubbed by the Trump administration. In May, Chicago became the first city to host the deleted pages, and now other mayors are following in Rahm Emanuel’s footsteps by creating their city’s own "Climate Change is Real" website.

The "Climate Change is Real" website


APA* Policy Guide on Water

Updated version adopted by Chapter Delegate Assembly, April 2, 2016. Updated version ratified by APA Board of Directors, July 15, 2016.

Traditionally, the role of planners with respect to water focused on environmental resources, hazard mitigation and flood control. Water service issues, including water quantity and quality, were left to the water utilities. Today, water planning is undergoing rapid change with the impact of population growth, climate change, infrastructure conditions


First the Arctic melted, then Bolivian water dried up, then…

Bolivia has declared a state of emergency as climate impacts shrink glaciers and leave cities without water. The now-barren slopes at the world’s highest ski resort on Chacaltaya mountain in the Bolivian Andes above La Paz.

The government of Bolivia, a landlocked country in the heart of South America, has been forced to declare a state of emergency as it faces its worst drought for at least 25 years. Much


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