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Global Water News, a Daily Digest

For daily water e-news with a global view, subscribe free to our own “Water, Water Everywhere.” The title isn’t original, but it’s factual: fresh newsbites and links arrive daily from around the world. The e-newsletter is curated by algorithm, so there are occasional surprises, but it does a good job of presenting important and breaking news about water for professionals, managers, politicians, and consumers.

General Science

Water — Open Access Journal, peer-reviewed journal on water science and technology, including the ecology and management of water resources.

The USA’s National Institutes of Health (NIH) Office of Science Education offers curriculum supplements for K–12 science teachers.

A reminder of the basics: What Is Capillary Action? Great, fun refresher for adults, even better for homeschooling and grade school children.

Deal with Hurricanes and Floods

Thanks to Mickey Taylor at floodsafety.info for these links:

Water Testing: Methods, Equipment, Procedures

Remembering the basics: “Why is Water Quality Monitoring Important?”

From USGS: National Field Manual for the Collection of Water-Quality Data

“NEMI is a searchable database that allows scientists and managers to find and compare analytical and field methods for all phases of environmental monitoring.”

Inexpensive chemical water-testing kits

Surface Waters

Comprehensive: the USGS Water Science School’s Surface Water Information

Photo: educators teaching about stormwater pollution prevention

The ABC’s of Stormwater Pollution Prevention — educator resources from the City of Los Angeles Watershed Protection Program.

Regional Waters

Daily Digest of California Water News — Maven’s Notebook does a good job staying on top of the Golden State’s latest.


Comprehensive: the USGS Water Science School’s Groundwater