Syria conflict: The biblical river at the heart of a water war

Syria conflict: The biblical river at the heart of a water war

The Barada river runs through the heart of Damascus The flashpoint for Syria’s war, six years old this March, has in recent days taken the form of an elemental struggle over water. The drinking water supply to some 5 million residents in the Syrian capital, Damascus, was cut on 23 December by the Damascus Water Authority, who


A tribute to California’s ‘First Lady of Water’

Pauline L. Davis

“My jaw dropped when I pulled a carbon-copied transcript of a 1960 water committee hearing fully identifying the ‘Davis’ as Assemblyman Pauline L. Davis. A woman in the Legislature! Involved in water policy! The water committee chair, no less!”

It was, as James Brown sang in the 1960s, “a man’s, man’s, man’s world” back then – and still is, for the most part, in the world of water policy. As … [more…]

I Am Water – Penelope Cruz

video-frame capture: image of whitewater rapids. Penelope Cruz narrates this beautiful video: I Am Water. Suitable for all ages and all audiences.

This short video features poetically beautiful images of water in many of its forms. Its message concludes by reminding us, “Nature doesn’t need people. People need nature.” Narrated by Penelope Cruz.

0:04 I am water.
0:07 To humans
0:08 I am simply just there.
0:12 I’m something they just take for granted.
0:17 But there is only so much of me.
0:21 And more and more of them every single … [more…]

10,000 Plastic Bottles and a Mermaid

photo:  mermaid, resting amid a colorful swirl of plastic bottles

“But deep in the back of my mind, one nagging thought remained. How much difference could a series like this possibly make?”
—Von Wong, photographer

In his latest project, Von Wong collects 10,000 plastic bottles to raise awareness for plastic pollution. This is story of how it happened. #mermaidshateplastic

Care to commit? Von Wong hosts a “Pledge to Re-Use” that you can sign and share.

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