Top Teen 2017 finalist: Joseph Goldstein uses his voice for Boundary Waters

Joseph Goldstein was diagnosed with high-risk lymphoblastic leukemia when he was in eighth grade — but he doesn’t let that define him. Two years ago, the Make-a-Wish foundation approached Joseph and asked him what his potential wish would be. Joseph knew exactly what he wanted to with his wish, and no it was not to go to Disney World, or meeting a favorite celebrity — instead, he wanted to donate money to the save the Boundary Waters in Duluth, Minnesota.

The Boundary Waters hold a very special place in Joseph’s heart. Eleven years ago his parents took him there, and he immediately fell in love. “For me, it was like coming home,” he said. “I fell in love and, as I was recently reminded, I was sobbing when I was told it was time to leave.” Since then, the Boundary Waters have become his place — the space in the world he wants to go to. His memories of the Boundary Waters also helped him get through the first awful year of chemotherapy, and every chance he had during those three years of treatment, he went back to the Boundary Waters for strength and healing. When Joseph […]

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