Florida: FWC to suspend aquatic spraying

CLEWISTON — In response to public complaints and concerns about chemical spraying to control aquatic plants, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission will temporarily suspend the aquatic herbicide spraying program.

On Jan. 23, Ramon Iglesias, who has been active in the movement to halt aquatic spraying, shared a letter online that he received from Kipp Frohlich, Division of Habitat and Species Conservation, Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission.

“I wanted to let you know that beginning next week, I have directed staff to take a temporary pause in our aquatic herbicide treatment program throughout the state. During this pause staff will work to set up meetings where we can collect public comment regarding aquatic plant management. Once we have meetings set up I will be sure you are notified and hope that you will be able to attend. I hope I can also schedule a time when I can meet with you and Ms. Martin while I am in South Florida,” Mr. Frohlich wrote.

Mr. Iglesias and Mary Ann Martin were among the anglers who appeared at the December FWC meeting in St. Augustine to protest the spraying. Comments may also be sent to invasiveplants@myfwc.com. “There has been a […]

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Florida: FWC to suspend aquatic spraying
In response to public concerns about chemical control of aquatic plants, Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission will temporarily suspend herbicide spraying.
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